Master Herbalist

 After becoming an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist , Shelly continued her education to become a Master Herbalist . As a Master Herbalist it is Shelly's goal to help educate others in achieving positive lifestyle changes. Using whole foods herbs, exercise(to increase deep breathing),grounding therapy, Body Wraps  (to help cleanse the body) and Massage Therapy to enhance homeostasis. Focusing on cleansing and nourishing  the whole person. Shelly's passion is in preventative care with natural therapies .  

"Before I became a Natural Healer , the life I lived was extremely destructive. I drank (excessively) , I smoked , I didn’t exercise and I wasn’t mindful on what was going inside of my body. It took me awhile to realize that in order to really be of service to others I had to work on myself. Slow but sure I started loving myself more . working on my mind , body and soul. So that I could be better for you . But always a work in progress .

Natural Living has allowed me to be able to live a life without prescription drugs and their harmful side effects . Living a natural lifestyle gave me the confidence to give birth to my son naturally at home , at the age of 40. For many years I didn’t think I could have children , I never took birth control . I know everything has its time But I believe when I became more disciplined on how I take care of myself and preparing to receive that’s when he was ready . Or should I say that’s when I was ready to receive him.

During the course of practice I began to notice a common denominator amongst my clients , as well as America. That the majority of dis-eases that plague America are all preventable with proper nutrition and exercise. I had always believed if you give the body what it needs it will heal itself. I didn't realize how true that was until I began my studies to become a Master Herbalist ,over a decade ago. Although , this truth was revealing itself to me long before my studies began."

Be wise Be well

Following in the foot steps of my ancestors great Lakota warriors, chiefs and medicine people my name is

           Akan Sni Oyate Wia -  SPIRIT NATION WOMEN